Even when you work with the finest software and hardware available, there's always a possibility that something may go wrong after some update, for instance. In these situations, it would be extremely helpful if you have a backup of your content since you will steer clear of or limit the loss of files and you could restore the correct functionality of your Internet sites quickly. If you use a shared web hosting account, conventional backups are created by your provider, but this isn't the situation in case you have got a virtual or a dedicated server and a problem may result in the loss of precious data. To avoid such cases, we provide a backup upgrade for our server plans, so we can keep a copy of your info securely on an independent server and restore the content if required. In this way you won't have to worry about losing anything even when you have vital info on the hosting server.

Weekly Backup in VPS Servers

The backup service may be ordered anytime and with any VPS server package no matter the Operating System or the CP you have picked. It takes just a few clicks to complete that and the additional service will be available both on the order page and in your billing CP, so you can decide if you would like weekly copies of your information to be kept from the minute you get the VPS or only during certain months. The upgrade can also be renewed whenever you want, so if you determine that you no longer need it eventually, it shall not be attached permanently to your package deal. However, it is always better to know that your Internet site content is safely backed up and can be restored no matter what. You'll be able to get weekly backups not just as a standalone feature, but also as a part of our Managed Services upgrade, which incorporates a variety of hosting server management services.

Weekly Backup in Dedicated Servers

We offer weekly backups for every single dedicated server, so regardless of what OS or hosting Control Panel you select or what content you upload, we could keep a copy of your info on an independent machine and restore it any time you need it. The upgrade provide you with 50 GB of disk space which you can use and you could get it anytime with a couple of clicks. If you'd like to have backups from the start, for example, you can order the service together with the dedicated server, while if you need it afterwards, you'll be able to add it to your package deal from the billing area. Although all hardware components are tested thoroughly, a software problem may surface anytime, so using our backup service shall give you far more security, specifically if you have important data on the web server. You can employ this service as part of our Managed Services plan as well together with a range of other web server management services which will make the administration of your dedicated web server much simpler.