Having a site is a little more challenging than simply having a domain and uploading files for it on a web server. The website hosting service also includes things like domain records, databases, e mail addresses, statistics, FTP access, etc. Even though they may not be the first thing which comes to mind when you refer to the word “website”, they are a fundamental part of any website and none of them can be overlooked. If you want to start and sustain a successful presence online, you need a simple way to handle all these things, particularly if you aren't very knowledgeable. Aside from the convenience, it is also important to have total control over your domain names and the hosting service related to them.

Website Manager in Cloud Hosting

Our cloud hosting offer a feature-rich Website Manager, that'll offer you 100 % control over each and every aspect of your presence online and you shall be able to control everything without difficulty. Quick-access buttons will enable you to check out or modify the DNS records for each domain hosted within the account or the WHOIS details for a domain registered with us, to set up a database, an FTP account or an e-mail address, to install a script-driven application, and more. Each one of these options could be handled through a quite intuitive interface, so even in case this is your first hosting account ever, you won't face any complications and will be able to do practically whatever you desire. The Website Manager includes a number of help articles and educational videos we have prepared to make the management of your presence online much easier.

Website Manager in Semi-dedicated Servers

As all of our semi-dedicated server plans include a powerful Website Manager tool, you'll have full control over every aspect of your presence online. Additionally, the tool is uncomplicated and user-friendly enough to be used by first-timers, so even if you are building your first Internet site, you shall not have any issues in handling everything easily and quickly. With one tool, you'll be able to manage every part of your world-wide web presence which is associated somehow to your website. For instance, if a domain address is registered through our company, you'll be able to view and modify its WHOIS details, while if it's only hosted, you'll be able to update its DNS records. You can even install a script-driven app, set up an FTP or an email account, create a new database or view statistics for any Internet site. You will find all of these options in one place and you shall be able to access them with only several mouse clicks via the potent Website Manager tool.