Should you ever face a problem with your site and be unable to cope with it on your own, ask the web hosting provider’s customer support staff to help you bring the website back online. A speedy solution would be the most favorable scenario, but lots of companies respond within 24 hours and even more, all the more so if you’re dealing with a hosting reseller. Even if the problem can be easily resolved, your site may not work properly or it may not be reachable at all for a prolonged interval, so you may lose potential clients because it’s very unlikely that anybody will be inclined to return to a faulty website. For this reason, you ought to make sure not only that you can reach your web hosting company, but also that they can answer and assist you in a well-timed manner. If a script update doesn’t proceed as planned or you erase something incidentally, for example, the website should be restored promptly so as to prevent elongated unavailability.

One-Hour Response Guarantee in Cloud Hosting

In case you are using one of our cloud hosting and you’ve got an inquiry or run into some predicament, you can get in touch with us 24-7 by posting a client support ticket or by sending an e-mail and we guarantee that you’ll get a response in no more than one hour. In case the issue can be resolved, we’ll do it before we reply to you, whereas in case there’s something that you need to do on your end, we’ll provide you with all the needed details – what workable solutions to try, what settings to check, etc. Usually, you will receive a response within half an hour max, which goes to say that waiting for hours on end or even for more than a day to obtain assistance is something impossible. Our sixty-minute response guarantee applies to any enquiry that you may have – general, billing or technical.

One-Hour Response Guarantee in Semi-dedicated Servers

Our help desk team members are available at all times and they’ll respond to any ticket that you submit from our web hosting Control Panel within less than one hour. The response time is guaranteed regardless of whether you’ve got a generic query about your semi-dedicated server or you bump into an obstacle and you won’t have to wait even that long for most issues. No matter what the essence of the issue is or what time it is, we’ll be there to lend you a hand, as we are available around the clock to attend to any general, technical or billing issue. In case you contact us about anything that is within our capability, we’ll sort it out before we reply to you, which suggests that you will not have to wait around for hours or days while the problem continues. In case there is something that you need to do on your end, we’ll give you the necessary info – what possible solutions to try out, what actions to take, etc.